WIZRD allows organizations to manage one knowledgebase of standardized procedures for technicians, trainees, and even customers. Using AR/VR glasses or even just a smartphone, users can get visual step-by-step instructions that guide them through every procedure they need to carry out. With WIZRD, organizations benefit from more effective training while providing their technicians with the most advanced tool to add to their toolbox.

In energy utilities (electrical, gas, oil and water), technical teams carry out a wide range of procedures, from ongoing maintenance to emergency situations and even harsh weather conditions. Without the proper guidance and support, this can lead to an increase in human error, significant damage to equipment, heavy costs, and even risks to the technical staff. Providing reliable guidance is critical at all times to ensure safety, efficiency, and reduced costs, whether they are carrying out simple maintenance procedures or complex troubleshooting.


Electricity utilities have to ensure minimal downtime or face heavy costs and even safety risks. Technicians in the field need to have very precise knowledge to carry out maintenance and troubleshooting procedures while meeting all of the safety regulations. WIZRD provides them with real-time guidance on an ongoing basis when they need it most, while making it easy to update regulations, add guidelines and procedures, and get reports for insights.

Production lines and heavy machinery maintenance often relies on specific personnel who have the relevant know-how. This results in downtime due to their availability. With WIZRD, manufacturers can reduce costs and downtime while significantly increasing efficiency by ensuring any available technician can get the job done with clear guided instructions.


In various industries, from transportation to energy, technicians work on a multitude of different types of engines and generators. These procedures range from simple and trivial to complicated and lengthy, and a high standard is necessary to prevent downtime and damaged equipment. With WIZRD, technicians can rely on an innovative tool in their toolbox that guides them through every single procedure, from large and complicated engines to the simplest procedures.


Maintenance and troubleshooting procedures on elevators require technicians to handle complex equipment with many parts. In large office buildings and hospitals, elevators are critical to ensure efficient movement throughout the building. Technicians need to carry out procedures in a timely fashion while working in challenging conditions with no communication, lack of light, limited room and access, etc. WIZRD provides them with a reliable guide that tells them exactly what to do every step of the way from the smallest detail to ensure efficiency and success.

From aviation to automotive vehicles and railways, the transportation industry involves complex technical and mechanical procedures that must be carried out in a concise manner to ensure the safety of the public and prevent significant costs from delays, damaged equipment, and lawsuits. WIZRD guides technicians every step of the way for maximum precision and reliability, both in training and ongoing maintenance.


In the transportation industry, railways involve a number of challenges when it comes to scheduled maintenance and troubleshooting. Because they are spread out across vast territories and require both technical and mechanical equipment, technical crews need to know how to support a variety of different procedures, often under pressure and in challenging conditions. Any delays can lead to long downtime, while procedures that are not carried out correctly can result in safety risks. WIZRD reduces the workload for technicians, guiding them through different procedures, step by step, using AR/VR technology.


The Aviation industry involves significantly complex technical and mechanical procedures on a wide range of different types of aircraft and propulsion systems. Ensuring that each procedure is carried out safely and with the highest level of precision is critical to prevent costs from delays and damaged equipment, and to ensure the safety of personnel and passengers. WIZRD guides technicians every step of the way throughout the different procedures they need to execute, from scheduled maintenance to troubleshooting, and ensures every step is carried out properly and in compliance with all regulations.